Engineering and finishing works
We offer the comprehensive services, including: development of project design, engineering documentation, performance of finishing works, installation of utility systems, start-up works, supply of construction and finishing materials, provision of furniture and interior items.

High quality of works at all stages is ensured by management competences of the project managers, experienced professional engineers, up-to-date management methods and work production technologies.
The availability of own finishing engineers and specialists makes it possible for ARCA to guarantee the quality of the performed works and observance of time frames approved by the Customer.
  • Ingrad - партнер АРКА
  • ОАО ИЛ - партнер АРКА
  • Департамент образования г.Москвы - партнер АРКА
  • МосГаз - партнер АРКА
  • Лукойл - партнер АРКА
  • НТВ - партнер АРКА
  • USM Development - партнер АРКА
  • Ле-гран - партнер АРКА
  • Черкизово - партнер АРКА
  • VESPER - партнер АРКА