Monodom hotel complex
Moscow , Mezhdunarodnaya str. 15а
Start Date: 01.12.2016
The project in developing
«Monodom» is a residential compound in the cultural centre of Moscow.
  • Monodom Moskva
  • proekt Monodom ARCA
  • ARCA Monodom
  • Monodom Moskva
  • proekt Monodom ARCA
  • ARCA Monodom
Goals of the project
  • Design
The project description
Monodom is 19-storied tower with three underground levels, located in Tagansky district of Moscow. The underground part of Monodom residential compound will be occupied by 3-level parking with 45 parking stalls. There are cafes, offices, entrance hall, security room, administrative premises as well as other common premises on the first floor of the residential compound; the second floor is designed for offices only. In the 3-19th floors Monodom residential compound there will be 1, 2, 3-room apartments as well as studio apartments (179 apartments in total). The building surrounding grounds will be landscaped and equipped with rest area. The building front base and external walls of the 3-19th floors will be finished with porcelain gres tile and external walls of the 1st and 2nd floors - with natural stone.

The house is being constructed according to European sanitary and hygienic standards for life-support systems.

The works within the project are being performed as Design services.
  • Ingrad - партнер АРКА
  • ОАО ИЛ - партнер АРКА
  • Департамент образования г.Москвы - партнер АРКА
  • МосГаз - партнер АРКА
  • Лукойл - партнер АРКА
  • НТВ - партнер АРКА
  • USM Development - партнер АРКА
  • Ле-гран - партнер АРКА
  • Черкизово - партнер АРКА
  • VESPER - партнер АРКА