Cloud Nine club house in Polyanka
Moscow , Polyanka str. 9
Start Date: 20.03.2017
The project in developing
«Cloud Nine» is a new project of Vesper company, a successful participant of developers' market.
Goals of the project
  • General Contractor
The project description
Cloud Nine - bright and sophisticated project. The house facing the Bolshaya Polyanka was built in early XX century. There were printing works of Manert brothers in it, where legendary wraps for chocolate sweets produced by Tovarishchestvo Einem (Krasny Oktyabr after 1918) were printed. This is a natural combination of styles of different epochs and directions - from the architecture of palace squares to Moscow modern. The architectural concept behind the renovation of buildings of XIX-XX centuries was developed by famous bureau Tsimaylo, Lyashenko and Partners . Cloud Nine consists of four small apartment houses with 45 apartments. For the convenience of future residents the apartments are offered with finish in industrial eco-chik and modern classics styles with furniture in the kitchen, dressing rooms and bathrooms. Apartment area is from 80 to 310 square metres. Ceiling height - more than 3.5 metres, in duplex - up to 8 metres. The industrial eco-chik apartment interior was developed by outstanding designer Massimo Iosa Ghini.

. The utility networks in the project meet the highest standards of deluxe property. In addition to well-developed surrounding infrastructure Cloud Nine has own wellness area, children club and two-level parking. Thanks to advanced technologies an area with all-year heated pedestrian mall, decorated by mosaic as well as air quality on-line monitoring system with additional air cleaning from all atmospheric contaminations will appear in the centre of Moscow.

A skilful use of industrial aesthetics elements in combination with high quality of environmentally friendly materials form the total look of the project with its specific character.

The works within the project are being performed as services of the Technical Customer..
  • Ingrad - партнер АРКА
  • ОАО ИЛ - партнер АРКА
  • Департамент образования г.Москвы - партнер АРКА
  • МосГаз - партнер АРКА
  • Лукойл - партнер АРКА
  • НТВ - партнер АРКА
  • USM Development - партнер АРКА
  • Ле-гран - партнер АРКА
  • Черкизово - партнер АРКА
  • VESPER - партнер АРКА