Odintsovsky district, Raevo village
Moscow , Raevo village
Start Date: 01.06.2016
The project in developing
«Raevo Golf & Country Club» - high-end golf club, which is being constructed near Zvenigorod town.
  • Odintsovsky district, Raevo village, photo 22
  • Odintsovsky district, Raevo village, photo 22
Goals of the project
  • General Contractor
The project description
Two kilometres from Zvenigorod town and fifty kilometres from Moscow the golf club project with the area of 259 ha is being implemented.
«Raevo Golf & Country Club» this is:
  • 18-hole signature golf field of 84 ha;
  • golf academy;
  • driving range with two greens;
  • club house;
  • fitness and spa centre;
  • dwelling houses;
The project has been developed by the world-known architect Jack Nicklaus . According to the world standards, Raevo Golf & Country Club comprises dwelling houses, fitness centre and spacious 3-storied club house with sloping roof and beautiful decorations in the area of 106 ha. In addition to European cuisine restaurant in the club house there are areas for private parties, banquets and picnics in the club territory.
The works within the project are being performed as services of the General Contractor.
  • Ingrad - партнер АРКА
  • ОАО ИЛ - партнер АРКА
  • Департамент образования г.Москвы - партнер АРКА
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  • Лукойл - партнер АРКА
  • НТВ - партнер АРКА
  • USM Development - партнер АРКА
  • Ле-гран - партнер АРКА
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