H&S management | DCC ARKA
ARCA LLC pays due attention to establishment of the best working conditions and professional growth of its employees. Ensuring production safety is an important area of concern of our Company. Taking care of employees is a top priority objective of ARCA LLC management. For that reason, our enterprise provides for working conditions, which to the fullest extent meet the up-to-date requirements, controls the compliance with health and safety standards.

Permits and licenses for performance of works.

The employees holding the managerial positions are certified in the field of occupational safety and have other certificates and authorizations for the types of performed works and related risks.
The employees working in production area hold the certificates confirming the required education and permit to work by profession as well as documents proving the successful assessment of knowledge in fire and occupational safety.
Before starting the work subject to licensing, the required approvals, certificates and permits are issued for technical equipment, materials and devices applied.

Illumination of work places and installation of warning signs at construction sites.

According to standards of the Russian Federation, the proper illumination must be ensured at work places and along the evacuation routes.
Information and warning signs in the working area (site) are installed in quantity sufficient to notify the employees and visitors on hazards at the construction site as well as on evacuation routes.

Use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The application of PPE by employees of our Company ensures the required level of protection. All employees have PPE and are able to use it correctly both by performance of scheduled works and in cases of emergency, for which purpose we arrange regular trainings and control the quality of equipment used. Every year our Company is the winner of "Careful Employer" prize arranged by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Record and account keeping.

The work places are provided with regulatory legal acts and documentation concerning the occupational safety. All documents are carefully examined by the employees, briefings are conducted, the employees take regular advance training courses in the field of occupational safety.
The following records are kept at construction sites::
  • Introduction briefing program and log for employees of the third-party organizations;
  • Working conditions compliance log;
  • Employee work place briefing registration log;
  • Employee occupational safety briefing and knowledge assessment program;
  • Approved list of briefings by type of work and profession;
  •  Approved guidelines (copies) according to the list;
  • Questions for operating personnel knowledge assessment in the field of occupational safety;
  • Approved schedule of employee knowledge assessment in the field of occupational safety;
  • Industrial safety and working conditions inspection report by standing commissions;
  • Instructions, orders concerning the on-the-job training taken by specific employees;
  • List of hazardous operations;
  • Approved list of professions of employees, who are obliged to take training before starting the work, indicating the training period.

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