If you were looking for a high-performance contract, you have found it!

Our Company provides a full range of services related to support of investment process for implementation of capital construction projects. At all project stages we strive to protect the economic and legal interests of the client. High professional level of our specialists makes it possible to guarantee the optimum result from the concept design stage to the project commissioning.

Our Company has own design bureau, which is responsible for control over performance of contractual works by other design companies, assistance in expert examination and refinement of design documentation to optimize the progress rate and quality of the construction project.

Working for the sake of own reputation we take care of yours. The experience of ARCA includes more than 40 successfully implemented projects of various functional purposes: premium class residential projects, A class office premises, public areas, hotel complexes, public catering enterprises, shopping and administrative space, private residences and VIP apartments.
  • Ingrad - партнер АРКА
  • ОАО ИЛ - партнер АРКА
  • Департамент образования г.Москвы - партнер АРКА
  • МосГаз - партнер АРКА
  • Лукойл - партнер АРКА
  • НТВ - партнер АРКА
  • USM Development - партнер АРКА
  • Ле-гран - партнер АРКА
  • Черкизово - партнер АРКА
  • VESPER - партнер АРКА